Content is Key

Having a content strategy is one of the most important things a social media team can put together. Having proper content allows you to engage with your customer, connect and keep people coming back. Without it, you become the blind leading the blind. Here are three different info-graphics depicting different concepts behind content strategies. 




I really enjoy this info-graphic (and not just because of the funny little man). I enjoy it because it’s simple but informative and hits a lot of the key factors you would need to include in your content. I find there are many strengths here elements, one through four are really important. I find the weaknesses lie within elements five through seven. Although we have discussed these elements in class and they ARE important, I find because this info-graphic is simplified, that people could misinterpret the intention of these elements. I don’t believe there should always be a call to action in the content you produce, sometimes content can just be entertaining or informative on its own. Linking the content to your product or service is, yes important, however I feel it would be better to say it should always be relevant, not necessarily directly link each time. Obviously measurable content is important, but like we’ve seen in class it’s not always about numbers but about the value of what you’re putting out. 



This would have to be my favorite info-graphic of the three! Not only because I love it’s tasty photo, it really takes the key elements of a content strategy and puts them in a way that makes sense to everyone. I can’t really find any weaknesses within this info-graphic, maybe it’s because I love hamburgers that much, maybe because I believe it really has covered everything that matters. If I were to be picky though, I would say though it’s missing the measurement part of a content strategy. I wouldn’t necessarily say measurement would be a key element in your actual ‘content‘, but it is important to be able to measure your content in some for another, either through a program like HootSuite or Facebook analytics. It’s essential to be able to analyze who you’re directing your content to and who is interacting with you, to be able to mould your strategy  and make sure you’re keeping up with your audience. 




I feel this is the most simple of the three info-graphics. This diagram centers around content specifically and I feel that though some people are great at putting together strategies and plans, a lot of actual content becomes lost in the planning and as a result gets a bit dry. I like this one because though it seems to be common sense, these five elements are key in what your write for your audience. Being active, interesting, humble and honest are so important and keep people coming back for more. The one weakness I find though is the fourth element, advising people to be unprofessional in their postings is tricky. Though the point is to remain casual, friendly and open, swearing, having your own personal agenda or being inappropriate should be avoided (you’d hope most people would realize this, but you’d be surprised. 

I think each of these info-graphics are helpful and definitely illustrate the variety of the elements of a content strategy. They do all focus on one and the most important element of all, connecting with your audience. Without this, your strategy will fall flat and finding ways to connect with them is what it’s all about. 




Info-graphic One:

Info-graphic Two:

Info-graphic Three:

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